High Rise Window Washer

Work for many people is not all that fun, and many would rather avoid the drudgery of work as long as possible, looking forward to the fun of the weekend. So, in the spirit of “it can always be worse” here are the five most extreme, awful, and dangerous places to work.

Even if you’re a truck driver (the most dangerous job in Western Australia according to this report.) you might decide that your work is not so bad after all.

  1. Transmission Tower Climber

This job is not for the faint of heart when it comes to heights, but these are the people responsible for cell phone signals in the most remote of places. These tower climbers often take to ladders that are over 500 meters in height (over 200 meters taller than the Eureka Tower in Melbourne), and it is rare that they use any safety cables when they reach the top – it is just quicker to work that way. This job makes one dizzy just thinking about it.

  1. High Rise Window Washer

Speaking of tremendous heights, the high-rise window washer likewise has to deal with some pretty extreme conditions (think of the height of the Eureka Tower in Victoria as above). Clean windows are important not only to the visibility of the tenants, but may also prevent pollutants being released into the environment. No matter how much safety equipment these folks use, it is still an extremely dangerous job.

  1. Commercial Construction Diver

Construction accidents top the list of industrial injuries in Australia, but when combined with diving, it makes it even more dangerous. Not only do divers have to contend with normal injuries like any other construction worker, but they have to deal with claustrophobic conditions and limited visibility. Diving mediums include murky waters with sharks, hazardous materials, and sewage. Gross!

  1. Pest Exterminator

While this job seems mundane on the surface, underneath it all, it can be pretty extreme when you consider the vast amount of dangerous pests that Australia has to offer. Scorpions, spiders, alligators, top the list of terrible tempered animals an exterminator has to deal with, not to mention the occasional wild feral rabies-ridden animal that has managed to wedge itself in someone’s home or rural shed.

  1. Leech Farmer

If you are not familiar with leeches, these are the small animals often found in murky slow moving water that attach themselves to any nearby creature for the sole purpose of sucking their blood. While used medically back in the 1800’s, apparently these blood suckers are being sought out for their medicinal properties once again, from hair loss prevention and joint pain, to increasing sexual prowess. I still have not figured out how to lasso and brand them, however.
No matter where you are working today, certainly there is someone out there (perhaps doing one of the jobs above) that thinks your employment is better. We should all be thankful for what we have and work to improve our lot in life through hard work, not through bemoaning our fate.


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