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The new Black Friday is the day after Christmas. Armed with gift cards and shirts that are too big, shoppers are heading back to stores to shop and return gifts for yet another bustling holiday season. As usual, stores are offering discounts to accommodate their customer’s willing wallet by extending hours and fresh promotions. Must-have deals are not as high as they were last year, however, dragging retailers’ expectations of after-Christmas sales down. Nevertheless, some stores are offering must-have bargains.

For instance, Target stores are opening earlier and closing later the day after Christmas. Target also gave away a $10 gift card for every purchase of $75 or more. Toys R Us is even offering “buy one, get one half off” specials on books and board games. Macy’s also joined the hot bargain wagon, introducing a “Week of Wonderful” to promote new savings on apparel and home products. In addition to new promotions, Macy’s stocked shelves with new items for spring, attracting the attention of customers not only for discount goods, but also lighter wear fashion.

Chain stores such as Old Navy and Kohl’s had some of the biggest discounts. Old Navy advertised some of their stores as up to 75% off, and Kohl’s introduced more discount coupons; the Kohls promo code “CHEERS” could save customers an extra 15% – 20% off merchandise until January 1st. The store also offered its Christmas decorations 60%- 70% off their original price.

Matching Kohl’s marketing attempt, Walmart offered over 100 items at a 50% discount starting December 26, although more sales were found online rather than in stores. The Nintendo Wii Ultimate Bundle was on sale for just $159, and the Xbox 360 Ultimate Bundle for $259, whereas the PlayStation 3 bundle pack was on retail for $299.

The electronic store giant Best Buy also offered its own after-Christmas sale involving the Galaxy Note II. The tablet was discounted at $249.99 with a two-year activation fee. In addition to the Galaxy Note II sales, Best Buy launched a 3-day sale beginning Christmas day, which includes free shipping. The store will also be offering some GPS units they carry as well. Best Buy noted, however, that sales were exponentially higher before Christmas since supplies were more controlled than they were in prior years.

Amazon and EBay also had their fair share of online deals, including sales on televisions, computers, and fitness equipment. Often times, deals can be found for over 40% off select items with free shipping. Other online savings will include discounts on books, toys, games, and many other items. But no matter where you spend your after-Christmas money, the sales will certainly be plentiful!


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