Nissan for Sale

If you’re going to try to sell your car to a company that builds cars, you had better put your best effort into it. When the car you’re trying to sell is 17-years-old with torn leather seats and a strap to hold keep the hood from popping open when you drive, you’d better make a video that will be remembered for ages.

That’s exactly what one Nissan Maxima owner did. While he wasn’t attempting to sell it directly to Nissan USA, the Japanese automaker was so impressed by the video and the Craigslist ad that went with it that they are taking the “classic” off of his hands for an undisclosed amount.

In a world where dealers are paying big money to automotive SEO companies and vehicle listing sites to get their vehicles out to the consumers, perhaps they need to look to this sort of creativity instead.

Thankfully for the seller, Nissan took notice.

Here’s the hilarious video:


Every household accumulates trash, whether it’s trash that can be recycled, trash that accumulates outdoors or trash that your family creates throughout the day. Most people spend a great deal of time making mistakes, though. They toss trash into cans that are too small or fail to close the containers properly and create a stench from dirty diapers and old food.

If you want to ensure your house is as clean, sanitary and nicely scented as possible, you need to learn how to properly dispose of your trash.

Start recycling

One of the easiest ways to stay more organized and clean at home is to recycle household waste that can be recycled. This means understanding what you can and cannot recycle. For example, you can recycle paper products, metal, glass, plastic and batteries.

In fact, batteries should never be thrown into your everyday trash because of the chemicals used to create them. When they end up in landfills they can leak into and contaminate the soil and water, which is an environmental danger.

Use your garbage disposal

Not everything has to go into the trash if it cannot be recycled. For example, if you want your house to be as clean and comfortable as possible, you have to eliminate foul odors. Sometimes last night’s dinner creates those odors from your trash.

Instead of tossing leftover vegetables or trimmings in the trash to rot, use your garbage disposal to rid your house of them immediately. It’s important that you first read the instructions provided with your disposal, however, to ensure you don’t place anything in it that shouldn’t be there.

Buy the right trash cans

Perhaps you’ve never put much thought into your trash cans. After all, they’re nothing more than a bin in which to place garbage. They’re not particularly decorative. They aren’t a centerpiece. In fact, they’re usually hidden in pantries and cabinets.

However, to better organize your home, you’ll need bins designated for recycling materials and trash. You might even want bins that are specific for materials you accumulate outside during gardening.

Having the right bins can help you to stay organized and can even help you prevent the kind of mess animals make when they get into your cans at night or in the morning before they’re picked up.


Staying organized means considering every aspect of your household including your trash; it’s easier to stay organized when you apply the habit to everything. Additionally, taking part in your local recycling program will help you do your part to save the environment.

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tree fort 1Building a tree fort is about as cool as it gets in terms of DIY home projects. The building process generates sheer excitement for the kids involved, and it’s often a nostalgic project for adults as well, evoking memories of similar projects back during childhood. Although tree houses can be fairly simple to build, they actually allow for a good amount of creative expression, since no two trees are exactly alike.

My father is a self proclaimed “tree fort consultant.”  In my neighborhood growing up, he was the go-to foreman on many successful tree fort projects, and he build other playground equipment including gazebos, jungle gyms, and swingsets for my siblings and me when we were growing up. We spoke recently about projects he did with us as kids and I want to share his advice with other DIY parents.

Here are 8 tips on how to build a tree house with your kids, from my dad, a 50 year veteran of the treehouse trade. Thinking back on projects he did with us as kids, it’s no surprise that the bulk of his advice centers around how to keep the kids motivated and invested in the project.

Avoid Work Stoppages

tree fort 2First, the project needs to stay fun, and nothing kills the fun of building a treehouse like having to cancel the project. Make sure you’ve covered all the bases for potential problems by checking out the permits you might need to build a treehouse in your area, talking to your neighbors beforehand to let them know what you’re planning and avoid ruffling feathers, and choosing the right tree for the project: you want a solid, mature, healthy tree with lots of strong branches. Think through your plans , and get your basic design on paper.

Keep the Kids Involved

If your kids are on the young side, they may not be able to help with the actual construction of the treehouse, but there are plenty of ways for kids of all ages to feel like they made their treehouse with you, instead of just watching you make it. Of course, the fort will be a lot more special to your kids when they helped make it themselves, so get them in the game as soon as you make sure the logistics are good to go.

Teach While Doing

Before you begin construction, you’ll probably have a decent idea of which tree you’ll use, what kind of structure you’re making, and what type of wood is best – but why not let the kids help you check the plan? After you’ve made all the necessary safety and logistical decisions, have them climb the tree (if they’re old enough) to test whether load-bearing branches are sound, show them treehouse designs and have them help figure out which ones will work best, and finally, explain the different types of construction materials available and have them choose the right one for their fort.

All that involvement will make them feel like this really is their project, and they’ll be invested in making sure it turns out well. If you explain the advantages and drawbacks of each approach, they’ll learn a lot – and they may even figure out solutions you never considered. You can keep teaching as you…

Build on the Ground

Most kids will want to climb up into the tree and start hammering bits of wood together, because that’s how they’ve seen treehouses made in comic books and TV shows. You know better, of course, but you’ll still want to get the pieces up in the tree as quickly as possible so they can see how the project is coming together. Aim to build one piece on the ground at a time and hoist it into place on the same day. The kids will see progress, you’ll build safely on the ground, and you won’t get tired trying to put everything up at once.

Keep the Magic Alive

Every aspect of treehouse building can become fun if you make it a privilege to perform it. Let’s say you need to cover yours with a tarp to protect against weather while you’re building. It’s not an exciting job, but it has to be done every day. If you make spreading the tarp the prize for the most helpful assistant among your brood, it’ll become a coveted job – and they’ll clamor to be the one to do it.

Anything you can make into a ritual – laying out the tools, announcing the part of the treehouse you’ll be building today, putting on your work gloves – do so with as much fanfare as possible. It’s fun for the kids and helps them feel like they’re participating in something big and meaningful – which they are.

Give Age-Appropriate Tasks

tree fort 3If you have a 10-year-old and a 7-year-old, you have one kid who can help with simple hammer-and-nail jobs, and another who’s more of a fetch-and-carry age. Give your younger kid their task first, and play up the importance of what you’ve given them to do – otherwise it’s easy for the younger kid to become jealous of all the responsibility the elder has.

Once the younger kid is settled with their task, give the older one their marching orders more quietly and with a little less fanfare; the elder will understand immediately that he has the more “grown-up” job, and he won’t need to be convinced that it’s important.

Put Them In Charge of Your Safety

Make sure you demonstrate the best safety practices to your children, and speak them out loud as you perform them so your kids remember. “I’m making sure both feet of the ladder are on the ground so it doesn’t wobble.” “I’m checking my safety rope before I put my weight on it.” “I’m going to put these tools in this bucket so that I can haul them up to me once I climb the tree. Can you help make sure it doesn’t catch on a branch?”

By talking out your safety precautions, you ensure both that you’re following them and that they’re helping you out. You’ll find your kids will correct you if you forget to say something out loud – and they might even catch you before you make a dangerous safety error.

Stick to a Schedule

You don’t need to show it to the kids, but you may want to keep a schedule for yourself to keep the momentum going. Your kids will stay engaged as long as the project is moving forward, but they’ll quickly start to have mixed feelings about it if they work hard for a week and then nothing happens for two months. You’re the grown-up, so make sure the project moves forward consistently. Maybe you work on it every Saturday, for example, so the kids know that’s Tree Fort Building Day.

If your schedule gets interrupted for whatever reason (family vacation, illness, rain), give them tree fort related activities to do to keep the excitement high. Maybe you can set them to work making a sign to hang outside the tree fort, or drafting rules for their clubhouse, or drawing pictures of the completed project.

Before they know it, they’ll be the proud owners of a new treehouse, and it’ll be extra special to them since they were involved from the beginning.


About the Author

Nick Domino is a partner at Water Damage Defense, an online distributor of specialty water damage prevention equipment. Water Damage Defense equips homeowners so they can protect their property from the devastating effects of water damage.


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Decisions, decisions, there are so many to choose from; but one of the best decisions you could ever make is to embark upon the career field of Information Technology. There are so many jobs on this career path that even one year of training could get your foot in the door with a very lucrative entry-level job.

Here are four of the best IT schools that can give you the perfect training and education in your area of interest.

1. UEI College

All programs at UEI College are focused on giving you the technical background to find the career of your choice. Offering one-year courses or Associates of Applied Science degrees for an IT career, UEI upholds the standards to be an accredited and highly reputable college of choice. If you’re looking to change your career path, this could be the school for you.

2. Wyo Tech

Wyo Tech was named “the official technical school for the Orange County Choppers” because of its strong connection to motocycle technicians. This college offers courses in mechanics and technical fields related to this course of studies.

3. MyComputerCareer.com

With the training you can obtain at MyComputerCareer.com, you can pick up the basics of both Microsoft and Cisco. You will learn software, operating systems, and network security, as well as computer maintenance. Not only does this school enable you to learn by the books, but you can also learn through hands-on training with instructors who have years of experience.

4. Keiser University Campus

Training at Keiser University offers many great amenities. At this college, be prepared to learn the basics of computer programming, software engineering, and so much more. Depending on where the campus is located, you’ll have various courses to choose from.

Once you have your IT training down, you should have no problem utilizing your knowledge to your advantage. As you enter the career world, make sure that the field you enter is really what interests you.

If you have trouble organizing paperwork or portfolios, you may want to look into special software that will help you keep your new business in order. You’ll want to have a positive start in order to advance in the IT field.

Get your education at one of these schools, and then get the job you deserve and will be amply qualified to handle. The perfect career in Information Technology is waiting for you.


Senior citizens are often stereotyped as being a bit clueless when it comes to modern technology, but that’s a stereotype that isn’t really true anymore.

Seniors today are the fastest growing segment of the population. As such, tons of technology, services and programs are designed just for them. Here are four ways home technology and seniors go hand in hand.

1. Online dating

People can live long lives these days. Unfortunately, this also means that if you’re a senior with a spouse who has passed away, you could potentially be alone for decades. But that doesn’t mean you can’t search for someone else who is special.

These days, there are plenty of opportunities for seniors to meet new romantic partners. Additionally, there are now many dating websites which cater exclusively to seniors. If you’re a single senior looking to meet others, population demographics are on your side. And thanks to home electronics such as your computer and smart phone, searching for a great date can now be done from home.

2. Movies

Speaking of dates, whether you’re on one or are just looking for an entertaining way to pass a few hours, movies are a great activity.

Today, you can enjoy a movie theater experience without leaving home. Home theater systems are no longer a vast quagmire of remote controls and wires. An entire system can be operated by one remote with a common sense interface.

Also, you can add to the experience with a home popcorn maker. Today’s home appliances make popcorn that is just as good as, if not better than, the popcorn at the theater. Try an air-popper for a healthy option!

3. Smart Phones

The days of calling a senior on a landline are quickly disappearing, as more and more seniors are switching to smart phones. Cell companies, such as Consumer Cellular, are targeting seniors specifically with a variety of senior-centered options.

Seniors aren’t on their phones all the time, so they’re mainly interested in pay-as-you-go or low usage plans. Additionally, seniors want easily accessible help from their provider. They want a phone which is easy to use, works in an emergency and doesn’t have overly complicated billing. These days, that’s exactly what several cell phone companies provide.

4. Dining

Seniors tend to have disposable income, lots of free time and aren’t very interested in messing around with much cooking and cleaning. As a result, they’re eating out in record numbers.

Seniors and restaurants are fast becoming a great mix. Restaurants across the country have been hit hard by the economic downturn, and one way they’re trying to boost sales is by targeting senior diners. If you’re a senior, you might be pleasantly surprised how hard the restaurant industry is trying to win your business.

Today’s senior citizens live full, active lives. If you’re a senior, don’t be afraid to try new things, even if technology seems a bit intimidating. You might just end up pleasantly surprised!


The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. Not only is it a place to prepare and eat meals, but the kitchen is also the part of the house where events of the day are discussed and stories (and even secrets) are shared. This room has become more of a focal point for entertaining recently, and kitchen appliance trends have evolved to reflect this .

As homeowners roll up their sleeves and invite their friends and family to share a meal or just hang out in this center of the house, appliances are selected for aesthetic appeal as well as practical considerations. They are chosen with care to fit this welcoming and well-used space. Here are some trends to watch for in 2014:

1. Large-capacity ovens

Since modern kitchens are all about entertaining, it makes sense to have a large oven for big meals. Large capacity electric single ovens or double ranges get the job done. Convection ovens will continue to be popular, since they offer faster preheating and more precise cooking.

2. French door refrigerators

French door refrigerators offer great style without sacrificing functionality. With their stainless steel finish and sleek lines, this type of model has a modern look that would fit well in most kitchens. Behind the double doors is plenty of storage space for everyday items, as well as appetizers, casseroles and desserts prepared for special gatherings.

3. Concealed dishwashers

Built-in dishwashers can be cleverly disguised behind cabinetry that makes their front panels blend with their surroundings. There is no need to break up the line of lower cabinets along a row or in a center island to make room for this major appliance. Some homeowners may even have two dishwashers or a dishwasher and a recycling bin that they wish to conceal in this manner, and this strategy will work equally well in these situations, too.

4. Black or white appliances

For homeowners who want to show off their appliances, the classics will be in style for 2014. Look for basic black and pure white to show up in the best-outfitted kitchens around the country.

Black appliances are sleek and stylish, and this choice packs a punch in every kitchen where it appears by increasing the “wow” factor. White appliances always look clean and pristine and are a perennial favorite among consumers, especially those who may be interested in an alternative to stainless steel.


Let’s say that you have a great website that you’ve worked really hard to make attractive and easy to navigate. It’s filled with quality, relevant content that you believe will engage readers and establish you as an expert in your chosen niche.

You can do all the right things to present yourself as a quality player in the online marketplace, but if you can’t drive quality traffic to your site, your business will wither up and die a slow, painful marketing death.

No one wants to see a great idea go to waste, and you have some options available to you. One is to offer your service (or that of that ghostwriter who works for you) as a guest blogger on other websites.

How can offering free content to another site owner benefit you? If you use this strategy properly, you can get valuable links back to your website and use the opportunity to market your own brand online.

Choose potential guest post opportunities carefully

Before you start contacting other blog owners to make a pitch or submit a potential guest post, consider whether the content on the other blog will dovetail with your own.

You probably don’t want to contact a fellow blogger you would regard as being in direct competition with you, but it’s not a bad idea to look at site owners who are in complementary markets. If someone is writing a blog on a topic that can “go with” yours, the owner may be amenable to working with you.

Don’t walk in cold

You wouldn’t immediately walk into someone’s home and start demanding that he or she start doing you favors, and it would be rude to approach a blogger “cold” and start asking about guest posting opportunities. With this type of content marketing strategy, the more polite way to get what you want is to develop a relationship with the person and the site first.

Start by spending time on the blog. Read some posts and make a few thoughtful comments. Become part of the community and develop relationships with other readers before you mention anything about wanting to write a guest post.

It will take time to develop these kinds of relationships, but building quality back-links to your blog is something that mustn’t be rushed.

When you do get the opportunity to contribute to a high-ranking blog, furnish great content that appeals to readers first, not search engines, and you’ll be a lot further ahead than if you were still focused on generating keyword-stuffed content. Then rinse and repeat, as the Internet marketers say.

Bacardi has long been synonymous with passion. With a rich history that spans a period of conflict, revolution, and exile, Bacardi has continued to grow strong. So has their rum. Celebrate the passion and drive that has made Bacardi the rum it is today. Visit Bacardi.com to learn more about a fascinating and storied history.


Legal professionals have a huge presence on the web. Many attorneys use their website as their primary method of reaching new clients. But with so many lawyers online, the competition for clients can get fierce.

Legal sites must take steps to ensure they stand out in a positive way. These tactics apply to almost any type of business that wants to boost its online footprint. Here are four tips from legal websites that you can use, too.

1. Provide information

Ultimately, you want your website to connect you to customers. But that doesn’t mean your entire site exists just to sell yourself.

People appreciate sites with straightforward, reliable information about the industry or service you provide. Legal sites are usually pretty good about this.

After all, a person searching for a lawyer probably also wants more information about legal issues as well. Lawyers typically devote pages to common legal concepts, such as “car accident injuries,” “slip and fall” and so on. Here’s an example of an information page from the Cochran Law Firm.

While these pages will often direct you to a contact page, information pages don’t usually do any selling. They provide a service for potential clients, and keep those potential clients on the site for as long as possible. This helps create a connection to the firm. Information pages also show your expertise in the field.

2. Provide that personal touch

An attorney trades on his or her name, so it’s important for the site to give potential clients a good sense of the lawyer with a detailed biography. Aside from professional credentials and accomplishments, an attorney will sometimes discuss hobbies, families, and a bit of life history.

This same idea works well for most other businesses, too. If you have a medium or large business, limit your bios to the top management and owners. For a company that has just a handful of people, you can create bios for everybody.

At the end of the day, no matter what you’re selling, you want to create a personal connection between yourself and your client. Pages that explain who you are will go a long way toward doing that.

3. Appeal to your local area

Typically, an attorney serves only a limited region, such as a city or county. If your business is a bricks-and-mortar store, or anything else that’s limited to a certain area, then you want to target that area with appropriate SEO tactics.

If your business exists only in cyberspace, you might think this tip wouldn’t apply to you. It does, however, because many people enjoy shopping and supporting a local business.

Plus, it increases your perceived reliability. Given a choice, most people would rather order something from a guy down the street than halfway around the world. So no matter where your products end up, don’t forget to target your local market.

4. Market with the pros

Many web designers build and maintain websites solely for legal professionals. Why? Because many lawyers realize that creating a website is a specialized skill.

Sure, you could learn how to design and produce your own website, and save a few bucks, but the results are usually as successful as when a person decides to represent himself in court. It’s almost always better to go with a pro.

Along those lines, lawyers typically employ specialized digital marketing firms to maintain their sites. Simply creating a website isn’t enough; you have to take steps to draw in your target audience. But doing that is a full-time job in itself, which is why many people turn to professional marketers.

The legal field is very competitive and crowded. That’s what makes it a great case study for other businesses, since legal websites have to thrive or they’ll disappear. The four tips above can help enhance your site no matter what product or service you provide — and that’s a ruling everyone can be happy with.


We humans love to keep track of things (and make lists). Without some type of system of measurement, we wouldn’t be able to conduct business, determine property rights, or perform a variety of everyday functions.

Simple tasks, such as buying items in bulk, which require a retail counter scale, would be impossible to accomplish without some way to measure them.

Our need to monitor and measure also extends to the natural world. How else would we be we able to describe what we are seeing and experiencing in nature? The following are three specific examples.

1. The Danjon Scale for lunar eclipse

If you ever need to describe the brightness of a lunar eclipse, the Danjon Scale will help you nail it down. Named for French astronomer Andre Louis Danjon, it sets the precise measure for the brightness of lunar eclipses. Its values range from L=0 (“very dark eclipse, moon almost invisible”) to L=4 (“very bright copper-red or orange eclipse”).

2. Mercalli earthquake intensity scale

Unlike the Richter Scale, the Mercalli Scale for measuring an earthquake focuses on the effects caused by the event, as opposed to the amount of energy the earthquake releases. With this type of measurement, a I magnitude earthquake may only be noticed by a few people. As the scale moves higher, the level of damage is magnified.

A Level V earthquake will be quite noticeable and awaken many people from sleep. It will break some dishes and windows and may even overturn unstable objects. As the scale increases to the higher numbers (Levels VII-VIII), furniture will be broken and buildings will sustain considerable structural damage.

At Level XI, few structures will be left standing and bridges will be destroyed. Level XII represents total damage under this system of measurement (and there probably wouldn’t be anyone left to record it at that point).

3. Australian tropical cyclone categories

Australian tropical cyclones are measured in categories ranging from 1-5. A Category 1 cyclone produces wind gusts of less than 125 km/h, which will not cause major damage to homes. It could cause some damage to trees and crops.

Mid-category cyclones (2-3) produce winds ranging between 125-225 km/h. At their highest intensity, they may create some roof damage. These levels of storm would also cause power failures.

A category 4 cyclone produces wind gusts of up to 280 km/h, which have the power to cause significant damage. Flying debris would present a serious danger to anyone in its wake, and the storm would trigger widespread power outages.

At the category 5 level, wind gusts of more than 280 km/h may occur. Widespread destruction is likely in this extremely dangerous situation.


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