Many of us love to cook and create delicious meals for our family and friends. We love the entire process, from picking the vegetables to choosing the main course. However, some of us wish we could have more control over what is put into our meals by building a vegetable garden at home, instead of getting them from the grocery store to make our meals more organic.

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During the summer, we tend to throw open our windows to let the fresh air and sunshine in, since we couldn’t do it all winter. With having our windows wide open we can hear the sound of lawn mowers, birds chirping, and the wonderful smell of someone barbequing. Just a little waft of a hamburger or stake cooking on the grill can make most mouths water. Have you ever wondered how barbequing came to be?

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Cats amaze us at times with how high they can jump or how well they can hear. With just a little crinkle of the cat food bag, they suddenly appear out of nowhere and know to come running. Get to know all the interesting facts about cats from the infographic below.

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A lot of us love do-it-yourself projects. Some of us make crafts or bake, while others like to create murals or build decks. We all love to do something creative and that we can say, “We did it ourselves.” It’s no different when wanting to decorate a room in our home. We all want to create a picture-perfect room that reflects our personality and individual style.

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Majority of us used pens to write letters, notes, and stories long before there was ever such a thing as a computer. Ink is what kept us on track with what we needed to get at the grocery store or how we wrote notes of chores that needed to get done.

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Road signs have several purposes and the most obvious one is to prevent us from getting lost. They deter us from potentially dangerous situations, as well as, guide us to alternative routes. They are used all over the world and help break down cultural and language barriers while travelling. There are many roles road signs perform in order to keep us safe and secure while driving.

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Sharing photos has been a fun pastime for a great many of us. We usually turn to Facebook to post our images online so that our friends and family can see what we have been up to lately. However, Pinterest is now taking some of the spotlight off of Facebook due to a lot of us using it to share our photos on the web.

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This nosy little guy has got me contemplating, I’m not sure what I want more, a dog or a DSLR. Thanks to Austin Toyota Dealer who shared this photo with us, due to it’s incredible cuteness.

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Keeping employees happy, productive, and motivated in the workplace are tasks every employer needs to undertake. Making sure employees are ambitious about the job they do, generates better quality of work, thus, businesses need to know what methods to use in order to keep their employees motivated.

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Friends forever.

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