All babies love animals, don’t they? Well, they’re babies so we really don’t know a lot about what they like. But what we do know is what we like to see our babies wearing: cute animals! Babies and animals seem to go hand in hand. And why not? Both of them are just so gosh darn cute!

This article will present you with the six cutest animal bath accessories currently on the market. If you’re not taking out your credit card by the end of the article, you need to get to the doctor because you may not have a heart in your chest!

Nursery Critter Wraps

These cute critter wraps for your very own critter are so adorable that you’ll want everybody to see your little rascal dressed as an elephant or a piggy. They’re functional items that will help keep your baby warm after their daily bath. Cute, functional, reasonable price. What are you waiting for? Pick up a nursery critter wrap (or a few) for your favorite little critter today.

Sea Animal Bath Set

Your little one has to take a bath. Well, what little ones love to have in the bath with them are toys. These cute little sea animals will keep your child occupied all throughout the bath, letting you relax and get through the bathing as quickly as possible.

Animal Bath Sponge

“This little piggy went to the bath…” Well, that’s not exactly how the famous nursery rhyme goes. However, this animal bath sponge in the shape of a pig will gladly get in the water with your children. These cute sponges will ensure that bath time is not a dirty affair!

Fisher Price Handy Hippo Bather

Hippos are known for being quite the bathing beauties in their natural habitats. Let this handy hippo bather from Fisher Price turn your child into a bathing beauty whenever they’re placed into it. The bather is of sturdy construction that will withstand the bathing rituals of any and all children you may have.

Fisher Price Animal Krackers Rinsin Fun Tub

Another fun tub for your gorgeous little one. This well constructed bath tub will help easily clean your little one without a lot of fuss and muss. At least from the tub. Your child may be a different story.

Fisher Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

Your child can have a whale of a time in this cute tub. Thar she blows!

If you want great baby bath products to use with these wonderful animal bath accessories, visit www.schoolofwash.com. Don’t forget that at School of Wash, you can also get bath products for yourself. Your kids don’t have to have all the fun. You need to get clean, too!


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