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Without cars, life would be a lot different. The automobile has not been around forever and the models have only gotten better with time. Most would agree that the earliest form of the automobile was created in 1769. However that vehicle was specifically steam powered.

Development of the Automobile

The types of vehicles have shaped the world today. From steam powered vehicles to automobiles ran with gasoline, each has impacted the world in a great way. The 18th century was a powerful time for the automobile industry. Just about everything under the sun was created to help make the automobile better. It’s safe to say that even though the automobile was trying to move forward, no one really “got it.”

Evolution of the Automobile

After the steam powered automobile was created, different versions were later created. There were electric powered vehicles, gas powered vehicles, and even hybrids being created in the early 1900’s.

The boom in the automobile industry made everything else in the world bang as well. There was a greater need for petroleum and the manufacturing industry also picked up. It’s safe to say that although the start of the vehicle was a little slow, once the world hit the 1900’s there was no turning back.

Modern Day Vehicles

If someone was to look at a vehicle 200 years ago and then one from today, they would be floored. In fact, as a person is driving down the road on any given day, they might see a vehicle from before WWII driving alongside them. Seeing an older vehicle and a modern day vehicle driving side-by-side is truly an automobile miracle.

Modern day vehicles are just as amazing to look at because each auto maker has such a different style. Although automobiles are still transforming and revolutionizing in the world, other aspects are changing as well.

Scientists and automobile makers are trying to come up with several alternatives to using fuel only in gas. Electric cars, alternative fuel powered vehicles, and even solar powered vehicles have been made to suit this cause.

Today, cars are made in almost every shape and size. The quality of vehicles has even changed greatly. Roads are filled with vehicles that were made fifty years ago and with cars that are driven right off the lot. Technology has immensely helped the way cars have revolutionized.

Future of Automobiles

Vehicles have gone from being nonexistent to being a vital part of the economy and the world. To cover the history of the car evolution that would take quite some time.  Now, automobile owners are struggling with automobile issues like rising gas prices and trying to find cheap car insurance. The future of the automobile is unknown, but the evolution of automobiles continues.


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