This one was. Four year old Johnny was a smaller example of what those who receive calls everyday have to go through to make the person on the other end happy to have called in the first place.

Now a second question: How prepared are the same operators if the customer wasn’t sweet little Johnny but someone more frustrated, belligerent, and grown up?

Call center agent coaching such as Envision have been providing tailor-made solutions to companies like Nike Golf, Bank of Oklahoma, Lufthansa, and Northwest Airlines. All the previously mentioned are in different industries, so no customer service technique is the same for each company. Large corporations will have a large amount of agents that need to be prepared all while providing unwavering quality that the customer can expect.

For Envision to manage multiple call center agencies that are in need of some improvement, a quick assessment of the client is sent to Envision, stating how many agents are in the customer service sector of the company and any additional information that might benefit everyone. Once that information is gathered, Envision will send a Performance Assurance Review and a specific course of action for the client.

While all the clients may have custom progression, Envision puts the agents through specific training models and software that they’ve built to assure success:

Desktop Delivery:  Envision’s Click 2 Coach software provides immediate training for customer service representatives should the program come across any recurring difficulties that the client’s company may have, such as large cancellation rates or customers living in a common region  frustrated over the same issue. Envision offers a Workforce Management program to monitor and adjust scheduling for the tasks of a client’s call center activities so that tasks can be handled better throughout the day.

Testing: Once training is close to complete, Envision puts the newly trained agents under rigorous testing to ensure that everyone is ready to serve their customers immediately.

Identity Protection: Once agents are ready to face the workload ahead of them, their main focus is not only transition into providing better service to all that call, but to protect their identity as well. Envision’s Identity Protection Management software eliminates compromising and sensitive data from recordings, giving the customer ease that their information won’t be used for company identity theft.

Like any company that demands improvement, Envision has received praise from their previous clients(such as Vermont Teddy Bear) about how quickly they were able to increase the quality of their call center while maintaining their signature style. Envision’s goal is to ensure efficiency within the call center so that it’s easier for the customer representative and the customer to communicate to each other. The better the communication, the faster the calls are made and the better the chances of increasing revenue and evolving the brand. A winning situation on all fronts.


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