New postage laws in the UK and abroad have seen the world go mad in the biggest civilian uprising of our time.

Cruella Deville appeared on UK television this morning, demanding that the Royal Mail revise their restricting of posting dog fur to the UK.

“How am I to live without foreign fur? I rely on husky fur imported from the North Pole. Dalmatians are old news, who wears spots anymore? It’s 2012 for god’s sake!” She said.

The whole of Japan has slowed to a standstill without the coffee that keeps the city buzzing and Israel have the worst Bull’s semen drought on their hands of the last 100 years.

Father Ted has appealed to the Irish Prime Minister to lift the ban on imported obscene books, claiming that the whole of Craggy Island have tired of the limited supply and have started to turn on the sheep.

The world is in a state of panic as man turns on man to get his fix of prohibited goods, in one of the biggest international frenzies of modern times, it will probably shock you that porn is also prohibited in most countries from being sent through the post.

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