There are hundreds of eco friendly products for bathing in the market today. Most of these products are made with organic material and reused materials. To decide whether a bath product is eco friendly, one of the factors that need to be looked at is the water content; the less the amount the better the product. The major drawback with eco friendly bath products is that they are expensive. For this reason, most people opt for the commercial bath products that are anything but safe.

Why commercial bath products are not as safe as they are assumed to be

There are thousands of reasons to be cautious about commercial bath products. These products are made using toxic chemicals. This is emerging even in “gentle and safe” bath products for children. In the recent past, children’s bath products have been found to contain 1, 4 dioxane and formaldehyde, both of which are known to cause cancer of the skin and irritation. Evidently, they are not exactly “safe and gentle”. If they can make baby bath products using such toxins, one is only left to speculate what is contained in adult bath products.

So, what should you do?

Just because eco friendly handmade bath products are expensive, does not mean that people cannot enjoy them on a budget. What an individual can do is make their very own eco friendly bath products. Sounds unbelievable, right? One would probably image that it would be hard and expensive. Well, sorry for bursting the “impossible” bubble, but it is neither hard nor expensive as they can be made with readily available material.

Create your very own skin softener

People with dry skin will not find a better way to soften their skin than with the use of oatmeal. Call this the oatmeal bath. All one has to do is pour a handful of oatmeal in a coffee filter or cheesecloth, string tie it and suspend it under a running tap. This ensures that the diluted oatmeal drips in bath water. Oatmeal, like milk, is rich in skin softeners and detoxifiers.

The best shampoo one can ever use

Unlike what most people would probably assume, making bath shampoo at home is quite easy. A little disclaimer; do not expect this shampoo to smell like the normal shampoo from the drug store. The fragrances in those shampoos are not safe either. All one has to do to create their home made healthy shampoo is to combine baking powder with water at the ratio 1:2, and there it is; shampoo.

What of conditioners?

What people do to know is the fact that olive oil is the best natural conditioner there is. The olive oil should be rubbed into the hair then a shower cap worn for at least half an hour. It should be washed off afterwards.

Is it possible to highlight the hair using chamomile tea?

Rinsing the hair with strong chamomile tea is a great alternative to using bleach. This should be done for a few nights in a row for one to have lighter hair. Even for brunettes, this natural method will work wonders for their hair.

On scalp refreshing

This is one of the easiest methods, and it works perfectly. It is advisable to try it tonight. All it entails is rubbing water and vinegar in small proportions into the hair. The following morning, Wash the hair the usual way. This leaves one with a chemical free and shiny hair.

Lemons to brighten your skin

Lemons contain detoxifiers. Squeeze lemon juice and mix it with a bit of filtered water. The mixture should be used to rinse the hands and also for application to the skin. Eye contact should be avoided at all cost.

And finally, the cucumber trick

People place cucumbers on their eyes and face for a reason. This is done because cucumbers are known to rid the eyes and face off puffiness. It is possible to use chamomile tea bags. They should, however, be allowed to cool off before use.


It is evident that making an eco friendly bath product from material that is readily available at home is possible. This way, health complications like cancer and infections can be avoided.


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