Remember the days when 35 seemed old? It was almost as if being a kid protected you from the aging process. Yet, all we wanted to do was become a grown-up faster than we knew how to be one, not fully realizing of course what all comes with being an adult.

Being able to drive a car, stay up late, and make our own decisions was what enticed us to want to become older faster than time allowed. So, maybe we knew more at that time than we fully comprehended, for it seems that age 35 is when most of us find contentment with our lives.

Transitioning from being a child to a grown-up is not a simple or quick process, but when we finally get there and all of our prior years had a purpose in getting us to this point, we begin recognizing that our childhood wish may not have been a wish at all, but a clearer look into the future.

It would seem that being a kid wanting to be a grown up makes complete and total sense, for who wouldn’t want to be content? Unfortunately, they will just have to wait, like the rest of us did, in order to get there.

This infographic from Confused comes to us via Bremerton Used Cars and explores “Why 35 Is the Year of Contentment”. Click to enlarge.

Why 35 Is the Year of Contentment
Hat Tips: Greensboro Ford


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