You probably already guessed that it isn’t the male population that dominates this social site; the photo of the lioness quickly gave that away. What is surprising is the wide age range of females who are using Pinterest.

In January 2012, data showed that females from the ages of 25-54 are the ones ruling the Pinterest-sphere. The data also uncovered how evenly spread the female gender’s usage is within vastly different age groups. For those between the ages of 25-34 and 45-54 their time spent on Pinterest is nearly the same.

Although Pinterest is dominated by the ladies, it was also found that those making an income of $25,000 -$49,999 made up 37% of those who use Pinterest the most, which is the largest group of users.

With only 13% of males using Pinterest as one of their social sites and women making up the rest with 87%, it’s no wonder that females have been named queen of the Pinterest jungle.

This infographic from Visual.ly comes to us via Toyota Dealers Chicago and explores “Which Businesses Are Already Using Pinterest?”. Click to enlarge.

Which Businesses Are Already Using Pinterest?


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