The word, “change” is dreaded by most due to the unknown entities that comes along with it. Not only do we have to re-arrange or stop entirely what we are used to performing, but we also have to take on and adapt to things we are not used to doing. This is no different for many marketing executives in how they are adjusting with the introduction of newer online tools.

The amount of internet marketing tools that have become available can certainly fall under the “change” category that most executives do not want to take on, but to evolve, one must adjust to the times. This infographic below, shows how marketing executives are evolving and adapting to the changes of how to market to customers using online tools.

This infographic from Visual.ly comes to us via Ford Knoxville and explores “How Marketing Executives are Adapting to Online Tools”. Click to enlarge.

How Marketing Executives are Adapting to Online Tools
Hat Tips: Fort Walton Beach Subaru


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