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Hurray Today is National Donut Day! (Infographic)

Today is a day of celebration, one to honor with friends, colleagues and those you stand in line with in-store, or in the drive thru. The day has come; it is a spectacular event that we need to cherish…its Donut Day!

Friends, we need to rejoice these desserts that make us nom nom nom all the way home, preciously take on the role as comfort food and keep us company as a late night snack. These mouth-watering treasures deserve a day of celebration and you can do just that by ordering up your favorite donut and gobbling it up.

In this helpful infographic you can get to know your donut just a little bit better with some of these fun and interesting facts about donuts. HNDD or Happy National Donut Day!

Fun Facts About Donuts
Fun Facts About Donuts via H&R Block


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