Night owls get a bad rap. Whether considered lazy dissenters of the social order or just plain odd, they never seem to get a break. In contrast, those who rise before the sun are praised for their early bird ways. Those people are deemed efficient and responsible. Meanwhile, anyone who chooses to be awake at three in the morning must be up to no good. College kids in particular are at risk for incurring the condemnation of both professors and parents. Staying up all night is no problem, but keeping your eyes open during that eight o’clock chemistry class is quite another thing.

Moreover, any weekend getaway to see the parents usually results in a 48-hour slumberfest to catch up on all those hours of sleep that were instead used to play video games and hang out with friends during the week. Yet night owls need not change their feathers to get by in the world. Online school can give collegiate creatures of the night the freedom they need to indulge their nocturnal inclinations while still receiving a quality education.

Kathryn Schulz has become a self-appointed advocate for night owls all around the world. Her recent article in New York Magazine states that not only should evening people not be ashamed of their lifestyle, but also wonderful things can come out of staying awake when everyone else is asleep. Schulz is a writer and declares that her unusual sleeping pattern actually makes her better at it. Something magical happens to her mind after the clock strikes midnight, the outcome of which is a kind of creativity that produces her best writing. She’s far from alone in this regard.

Many individuals thrive on the solitude and calm afforded by the night. If you do your finest work while the moon shines high above, then it makes far more sense to take a college exam at night instead of during the day. Online school allows for this kind of freedom in a way that traditional universities do not. While you can’t ask your professor to take a final at one in the morning, you can decide to do just that when studying via online courses. If reading and writing suits you best in the middle of the night, then there’s no reason not to when enrolled at an online school. When taking online courses, being a night owl is no longer a setback, but rather an advantage.

Some individuals are nocturnal for more pressing reasons. Maybe you have a job that doesn’t allow for studying during the day. Perhaps you are a parent or homemaker and can take classes only when your children are fast asleep at night. Whatever the case, online school can provide a measure of flexibility for those who must work around an otherwise demanding schedule.

Night owls, you no longer have to suffer in an early bird world. If the idea of having to go to class before noon makes you want to pull those covers farther over your head, then consider the benefits of online school. With the flexibility to take classes anytime of day or night, it’s the perfect solution for after dark devotees.


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