No one can really prepare you for dorm life. No matter how many phone calls you have with your soon-to-be roommate, or how many trips you take to Bed, Bath & Beyond to stock up on essentials, no student can fully understand what it’s like to coexist with hundreds of other teenagers freshly released in the wild that we call college. Especially for teens that have always had the ample space and privacy of their own bedrooms, dorm life can be quite a shock to the system. No more can you shower without at least one other person within a five foot radius. No longer will you be able to sleep with your dirty little secret, otherwise known as your childhood security blanket, without everyone on your floor eventually finding out about it. Whether you like it or not, your life will be an open book for everybody else in your dorm to read. If that doesn’t sit well with you, then perhaps you should consider online school.

Some students may claim that the amazing friendships made in the dorm are well worth the lack of privacy. That naïve notion will soon pass. Even under the best of circumstances, you will eventually tire of being subjected to the weird ways of your roommate. Say you move in with a self-declared techie geek. He seems harmless enough. He’s clean. He’s well-behaved. He has also completely outfitted your room to be controlled by voice commands. What initially was awe and admiration on your part will quickly turn to annoyance and frustration when you can’t remember the exact phrase for turning on the television or shutting off the lights when you want to go to bed. Maybe he even secretly changed the commands to get back at you for leaving that tuna salad sandwich in the fridge for two weeks too long. Again, this is a best case scenario.

Most college students will at some point deal with puking roommates, blaring music at three in the morning on a Tuesday and the unfortunate revelation that under no circumstances should you ever shower without wearing flip-flops. Warts are not only extremely difficult to get rid of, but also they can put a serious damper on one’s dating life.

With online school most students can go their entire collegiate career without ever having to worry about warts from unprotected showering. It’s a nice perk of not having to share your bathroom with fifty other people, as is being able to sleep in peace without anyone ever being the wiser about your beloved blankie. If you can’t bear the thought of having dozens of teenagers watching and hearing your every move whether in the bathroom, dorm room or common kitchen, which is so filthy that hardly anyone uses it anyway, then online school might be the perfect fit for you. Never will you have to bang on your wall in the middle of the night to get your neighbors to turn down their stereo. Never will you be locked out of your own room because your roommate brought back a new friend from that frat party. Online school definitely has its advantages.


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