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Jessica Rabbit is one of, if not, the hottest cartoon character to ever have graced our movie screens. Her appearance in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, basically made that movie an instant classic. This was long before HD, or even DVD player’s, Jessica Rabbit was introduced to the kid’s of the 80′s, when VCR’s and the term “Be Kind and Rewind” for videotapes was a common term. Her long silky hair, raspy voice and voluptuous hips not only made Roger Rabbit’s eyes bulge out of his sockets, any male that watched most likely looked the same. It has been two decades since our first introduction to Jessica, but her legacy remains and here are 5 reasons why Jessica Rabbit is still hotter than ever. Too bad she has a thing for rabbits.

1. Her Curves

In the 80′s to have curves was to have a curse, remember these were the days of Kate Moss.

Jessica Rabbit 1

(via devianart)

2. Her Voice

Jessica’s sultry voice still rings in my head.

Jessica Rabbit

( via thedesigninspiration)

3. That Red Dress

Never will Jessica ever have to change her outfit, it is simply irresistible.

Jessica Rabbit

(via wikinut)

4. Her Lips

Never have I seen more shinier lips than Jessica or more sulky, yet they are the perfect lips.

Jessica Rabbit

(via coolvibe)

5. Her One Eye

That’s right, Jessica remained hot even though we only saw one of her eyes, the other one was always covered up by her hair, making it her signature.

Jessica Rabbit

These 5 reasons only goes to show how hot Jessica Rabbit really is, although she is probably sitting in her 40′s right about now. She is still as popular than ever as these art pieces have shown. There is simply no other female cartoon better than Jessica Rabbit. IMO, she looks kinda like a red-headed Angelina Jolie, no?


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