Yoda has the same voice as Cookie Monster…

Cartoon Voices


Never think that anything isn’t something else when it comes to Transformers, including resembling a Myth Buster.

Even the Autobots Logo is More than Meets the Eye

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ICAN Legends

How to Work Out Your Brain

Posted By: on April 23, 2014

Giving your brain a workout was easy when you were …

Vintage Sexy

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Even with a cigarette, vintage sexy is hot. Admit it.

This is What I Look Like…

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This is what I look like…When I kill all the …


140% of the time, it works every time.

The Putin Method


Tip jars are often a neglected element of counter service. We see them at Starbucks and other dining venues all the time. If you watch enough people in line, you’ll see that most people don’t leave a tip.

Here’s a way to solve that. Brilliant.

Tip Idea

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Safety first, I suppose, but these moments are oh so rare. Missed it by THAT much.

10 Seconds Too Late

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This looks so much like Fallout 3 it’s not even funny.

Vintage Ads


Some whales commit suicide.

Some Random Facts



Truth be told, kids can really smack a smile on our faces. The younger the cuter they seem to be, even the annoyances we would find in a grown-up shoots rainbows out of our ears when the cute kid says or does it. Their new discoveries become our discoveries revisited, we explore the world through their eyes with a fresh pair of glasses on and eagerly await their next move. However, reality sets in sometimes and reminds us that kid’s are only cute until…

1. Johnny Throws a drink on the carpet.

2. Have Gas.

3. Refuses to say “I Love You Dada”

4. Won’t Stop Swearing.

5. Doesn’t Want Another Baby Sister.

6. When They Become Too Smart for Their Own Good.

7. Are Ungrateful.

8. Poop.

Nah. They’re still cute, they’ll get ya every time.


What can you learn from a Philosoraptor? Apart from how to make absolutely genius homonyms? A business degree student might not think a declaiming dinosaur has much to teach them, but they’d be utterly wrong. If there’s one thing the current economy teaches businesses, it’s that survival isn’t easy, and here’s something that’s still alive and pondering X million years after he was meant to be exist. Besides, Philosoraptor is a cold-blooded predator who spends all his time thinking about how to live better – that’s the stereotype of businessmen. It makes Gordon Gecko look like a charity collector. Read More


Who needs a rolling pin and cookie cutter when you have a bottle of vodka?

This is a winner of an idea from Bruce Willis, who’s now part owner of a vodka company, Sobieski. Hey – they’re Poland’s No. 1 vodka, and the Poles know a thing or two about the stuff.

I just hope he has a good way to change out the cookie cutter shapes on the bottom of the bottle.

Or, I guess, you could just have a bunch of bottles, each with a different cutter on the bottom. Oooh.

“But honey, I HAVE to buy six bottles of vodka so we can have variety in our cookies this year!”

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