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Truth be told, kids can really smack a smile on our faces. The younger the cuter they seem to be, even the annoyances we would find in a grown-up shoots rainbows out of our ears when the cute kid says or does it. Their new discoveries become our discoveries revisited, we explore the world through their eyes with a fresh pair of glasses on and eagerly await their next move. However, reality sets in sometimes and reminds us that kid’s are only cute until…

1. Johnny Throws a drink on the carpet.

2. Have Gas.

3. Refuses to say “I Love You Dada”

4. Won’t Stop Swearing.

5. Doesn’t Want Another Baby Sister.

6. When They Become Too Smart for Their Own Good.

7. Are Ungrateful.

8. Poop.

Nah. They’re still cute, they’ll get ya every time.


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