Unique laughter cannot help but make us giggle when we hear it; it is a common thread we all share no matter where in the world we are. Amidio, creator of popular music apps such as Touch DJ, OMGuitar and Seline, have just released a brand new app for the iPad and iPhone.

Laugh Synth is a creative app that allows users to produce every type of laughter you can think of, as well as providing 25 preset laughs you can use and get creative with, just by using your finger. You can liven up a party, classroom or workplace with laughter that is as unique as you want it, just swivel, swipe and swirl your way to laughter domination and then share your ha-ha’s online.

Laugh Synth enables you to create laughs using your best instrument, your voice, and with the four settings available, you can switch up the pitch to sound high or low, to go from munchkin to creepy troll.


This latest app by Amidio, will add fun everywhere you go, and make memories through laughter, do not wait for the moment, make the moment.

Make teehee the new “cricket” sound, annoy the moviegoers with awkward moments of laughter, prank calls with various pitched laughs (don’t pretend you wouldn’t) or LMFAO when LMFAO comes on the radio.

Bring Laughing Back.


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