What can you learn from a Philosoraptor? Apart from how to make absolutely genius homonyms? A business degree student might not think a declaiming dinosaur has much to teach them, but they’d be utterly wrong. If there’s one thing the current economy teaches businesses, it’s that survival isn’t easy, and here’s something that’s still alive and pondering X million years after he was meant to be exist. Besides, Philosoraptor is a cold-blooded predator who spends all his time thinking about how to live better – that’s the stereotype of businessmen. It makes Gordon Gecko look like a charity collector.

That’s why we’ve found six smart pieces of advice for business degree students. Because business is all about networking and a vicious pack-hunting carnivore is exactly the sort of thing you want on your team.

If a lot of people have business degrees, does that mean they all have an angle?

Trust Philosoraptor to make a pun a good thing, for the first time since the early 20th century. Just don’t trust him with anything else because his instincts still see you as a small mammalian snack and that spiked talon has more functions than looking thoughtful. The answer to this question is that yes, of course they do, and even more so, of course they should. The whole point of business is making money, so when someone decides to pursue a business degree they’re not just learning about making money but dedicating themselves to doing it well.

If it’s a degree in business, when you do you have time to relax?

A business degree will certainly keep you busy – that’s what the word means, and a fact of life in any program of education. It’s important to balance work and play in any educational program, not least because that helps you work harder. A rested brain simply functions better than one which has been working for the last forty-eight hours, and kicking back is when you build networks with other people.

If the student has become the master, wasn’t he was learning from the wrong person?

This statement might mean the Philosoraptor was watching force adventures in a galaxy far far away, a long time ago, but he’s a speed-evolved dinosaur. Nothing is beyond his abilities. His natural instincts and species mean he has a brutally efficient understanding of natural selection, and he’s telling you it’s important to learn your business degree in the right place. There’s no point in studying for years if your teachers don’t know what they’re talking about.

If it takes six degrees to get to Kevin Bacon, why doesn’t he have any?

Oh, Philosoraptor, there is no Internet game you don’t have mastery of. The six degrees of Kevin Bacon is an excellent game, one made much easier by IMDB, and stresses the importance of networking. It’s not enough to have connections in your target company, you need connections which actually want to help you – and that means helping them, and generally being well-disposed to everyone. Which is easier said than done but, like a business degree, worth it.

If it takes money to make money, where did money come from?

Actually, Philosoraptor, we’re more interesting in where we’re getting money from. We’ll leave the origin story stuff to you. Hell, you were probably around to watch it.

Does a business degree let you mind other people’s business?

Like all the greatest philosophy, this has a clear but striking answer. And that answer is hell yes. The whole point of a business degree is knowing what you’re doing, with money, both working with other people’s and earning your own. Or, even better, making both kinds your own. And that’s a life strategy a deep-thinking predator can get behind.


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