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In what can only be construed as a joke, TIME’s recent Best-of list titled “The ALL-TIME Best Sports Movies” featured the notable-because-it-sucked debacle of a movie, Speed Racer. Even RottenTomatoes was kind to give it a 38%, noting “The Wachowski Brothers have overloaded Speed Racer with headache-inducing special effects, and neglecting to develop a coherent storyline.”

Speed Racer Sports Film

I’ll link to the article begrudgingly simply so people don’t think I’m making this stuff up. We won’t discuss the hundreds of other sports movies (pick any of them, actually) that were more deserving to be on the list. We won’t question whether this action/adventure sci-fi film can really be considered a sports movie.

What we will ask is this: what were you smoking, Richard Corliss?


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