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Politicians are trained on how to express emotions through hand motions and facial expressions. Everything from confidence to humility are taught to those who run our country. While it’s possible that the “shame face” is taught, it’s likely part of our nature to do it like this.

The NY Times noticed it during the recent Anthony Weiner weinertweet scandal. Shame on all of you.

The Common Look of Shame


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  • Sean says:

    Future politicians take note.

  • Ric Phillips says:

    This is a short, poorly researched article. I think it is posted just for punchy fun – which is alright I guess. Anyway people can be taught body language rules and presentation skills – which are helpful – but what the photos show are micro-expressions, first 'discovered' by Dr. Paul Ekman, and they are universal i.e. very very difficult to control or hide. This is talked about on the show Lie To Me.