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One of the less-known side-effects of living in an app-driven society is the effect it now has on employees at many businesses. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) we are able to conduct many of the business tasks that kept us in the office on our mobile devices. We are no longer tied to a cubicle to be able to send mass mail, work on payroll, or make asset purchases. We can do it from our mobile devices, which in many ways makes working at the desk less efficient.

“We used to have to get information off of vehicles, then transfer them to our computers in the office,” said Phil Bradford at Albuquerque Hyundai. “Now, we can do much of the busy work directly from the lot.”

This graphic by our friends at SocialCast breaks down the ways that apps have been integrated into our daily work life, forming a bond between mobile devices that once were much more personal with our business activities. Fortunate or unfortunate? For better or for worse?

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