Wake up at 6:00. Turn and sit up in bed. Put on robe. Walk down stairs. Drink coffee.

1 hour.

Bruce Willis


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  • Anonymous says:

    Ok, great, but did you not notice he's wearing a different shirt in the last shot?

  • Woody says:

    He's wearing a different t-shirt and doesn't have his robe on anymore. Love the site, but this is a fail.

  • Anonymouse says:

    This is stupid. He is wearing a different shirt in the last photo and is no longer wearing a robe. He probably went downstairs in his bathrobe to start the coffee maker, then went back upstairs to shower, shave, get dressed, etc, then went back downstairs. He probably ate breakfast and read the newspaper while he had his coffee. The last shot shows him after he did all that and is just finishing up his coffee as he heads out the door. An hour doesn't seem like an excessively long time to do that, if you're not in a hurry.