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The wild and crazy 60s were all about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, so the government decided to try to do something about it by going after the most harmless of drugs: marijuana. To get their message out there, they employed the iconic Sonny Bono to create a short film.

By today’s standards, it’s comical. By 1960s standards, it was probably comical as well. Not only does Bono deliver commentary that makes him sound stoned at the time, the arguments made by their “teen actors” actually make more sense than the government’s position.

As a side note, Sonny looks svelte in his gold-thread outfit.

Sonny Bono

(via: Motherboard)


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  • Sage says:

    Hmm.. I find this video alot less distant than I thought it'd be. (I don't think I've ever watched anything from that decade before)

    Lame post though, I'm not watching half an hour of this educational stuff, this site sucks.