In between Biology 101 and Introduction to English, a student’s got to take at least one or two classes that actually sound interesting. If you’re looking for an online college course to float your boat, here are a few classes that start you laughing at the title alone, let alone the content.

Race and Identity in American Literature: Keepin’ It Real Fake
Remember how your high school English teacher told you grammar was important in college? Well, apparently, not so, according to this class taught through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Open Courseware program that takes a look at how race and literature function together with both harmony and dysfunction.

The Amazing World of Bubbles
Yes, you went to college to blow bubbles. No, you shouldn’t tell your parents this is where their tax dollars are going. This California Institute of Technology class focuses on the ability of bubbles to “gather, focus, and radiate energy.” California really isn’t doing its job at convincing us it’s serious.

Technophobic and Asexual
So, more or less, not able to survive in the 21st century. This class at Swinburne University of Technology studies the internet dating patterns of the elderly. No more needs to be said.

Human Beings and the Machines of Sunshine
What does that even mean? The machines of sunshine? Is anyone else imagining a super-bright light shining? Apparently not. The class taught through Rice, when you get to the course description, is less happy fun shining times and more death of the world through machines.

Topics in Comparative Media: American Pro Wrestling
Just…is it serious? It sounds so serious. But it’s wrestling. Which is serious? No way. Yet another bizarre class offered by MIT, this class takes a peek at what makes pro wrestling popular in America.

American Soap Operas
Since MIT is apparently just giving away course credits, this class makes the list. If you’ve ever wondered about how Timmy falling down the well and evil twins somehow affect American culture, this class is the place to find it.

Cheerleading in American Culture
At the University of Alabama, those aren’t spirit fingers. These are spirit fingers. Imagine a class where you can watch Bring It On for credits. This is the America we’ve all been dreaming of.

Elvis as Anthology
Young Elvis, Elvis the Pelvis Elvis, GI Elvis, Blue Hawaii Elvis, Leather Elvis, Fat Elvis…yeah, we’re really seeing how you can build a curriculum around Elvis. Students at the University of Iowa get to check it out firsthand through this online class.

How to Be Gay
According to the 40 Year Old Virgin, you’re gay if you macrame yourself a pair of jean shorts, don’t sleep with women, can identify other gay people, and like Coldplay. Alright, class taught, no need for this University of Michigan media studies class.

Admit it: You want to take all of these classes more than you do the prerequisites for your major, even if you have to graduate late to do it. It’s okay. We understand.


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