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I found this diagram of the odds of death not so much alarming (because it makes sense), but still pretty darned mind-opening. I guess it just made me look at all the hub-bub certain media and different outlets put forth as important or newsworthy, etc.

HeartĀ diseaseĀ and cancer taking the number 1 and 2 spots makes complete sense to me but one of the big surprises to me is that suicide ranks #5. That’s brings me to question why there isn’t more emphasis put on helping troubled individuals who might find themselves in a situation where they feel that is necessary.

It also looks like playing with fireworks is safer than playing with electrical outlets. I know that this comes down to the number of people doing either but still….I light off some M-80s any day over having to change a GFC. I guess too you’re more likely to die of an earthquake than a flood. So buy a good safety kit before you purchase the inflatable raft.


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