German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was under the belief that God had died. I guess to prove that he was in fact still alive, God took it upon himself to play the ultimate checkmate move 0n August 25th, 1900. Nietzsche was only 55 at the time. Well played God…well played.


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  • Nihlo says:

    I've found this joke is very well received by religious people, almost as if it weren't made up by a mortal.

  • moose-anon says:

    He died at only just 55? hah. That's proof that God killed him off so damn young. Take that athiests.

  • UfrckinSrys? says:

    my sister died at two, was that a play by god? you christians are fuckin retarded.

    Nietzsche is still right, for the record

  • Shelbie says:

    wow…. can you christfags..even hear yourself talking or thinking? So much stupidity and ignorance….i can't fucking take it anymore.

  • keyvcon says:

    Total misunderstanding of what that quote means, as said by llama64. Whoever made this clearly has no understanding of what that quote means.

  • truth says:

    too bad nietzche was a great philosopher and god does not exist at all, in any way. fail

  • Gerbler says:

    Life expectancy in 1880 was 40, in 1900 it was 51. He was an old man. Your god is a pussy.

  • lawled says:

    I'm athiest, and I find this hilarious.

  • Dona says:

    I'm sorry that all of you Christian haters have such bad things to say about Christians and God. I will pray for your souls as God will surely come. Those that don't know him, can not expect to know peace. God Bless You All

    • Phillip says:

      Funny how I already know peace in my life without ever having believed in a god or higher power of any sort. I recently shared a 6th year anniversery with my wife and it was an amazing day. I found out that Glenn Beck is being taken off Fox News and the day is bright and sunny. I would say my current situation in life is great in just about every possible way and why shouldn't it be when I put for the effort to make our lives as peaceful and happy. Yes my wife and I fail at that goal from time to time, yes life itself throws a curve ball in there from time to time as well making anything close to peace impossible but bad times fade if you are willing to work through them and let go of anger.

      Even in death I will know peace. As an atheist I believe death to be exactly the same as pre-conception of life, that is to say, nothingness. I believe that after we die that is it, no afterlife, no punishment for the wicked and their deeds nor reward for the good or rightious. For most athiests, my wife and myself included, this makes life all the more precious. It makes the terrible, horrendous things people do to eachother that much more disgusting. It makes the value of life skyrocket, because knowing that this life is all every single on of us has on this earth makes me, and those like-minded, want to take action to better the world around us not only for ourselves but for those we will be leaving behind. This may be hard for you to understand, even scary, but I need no god, religion or any form of higher power to give meaning to my life because I also believe in the truth that life has no meaning except that which we make for ourselves. I firmly believe I am on the right path to fulfilling the meaning that I put into my life. If I succeed at nothing more than growing old together with the woman I love with a loving and caring family I know in my heart of hearts that I will die in peace.

      So, please know that what you intended to be words of kindness and consolation were really just stupid and insulting not only to athiests but to any believer that doesn't follow your Christian beliefes, though the other believers would just spout that you can't expect to know peace because you don't follow Allah or what ever other god they might believe in.

      And you wonder why people whom share simular thinking as myself feel disdain for the likes of believers…believers spout out, wether intentional or not, insulting and unfounded opinions as ultimate fact. :)

  • alex says:

    how does nietzsche's death at 55 prove that god exists? i think you stating this proves that you put faith before reason. this shows signs of mental weakness. as john lennon said, "if only the good die young, then the great die middle aged."

    p.s. don't think that the only peaceful people in this world are the ones that have the same imaginary friend. there is no evidence supporting god nor will there ever be.

  • anti_supernaturalist says:

    there are no supernatural phenomena whatsoever, only supernatural interpretations of phenomena

    the anti_supernaturalist

  • 3mil says:

    It was Hegel who said this, not Nietzsche.

  • Satirist says:

    Here I am thinking that most atheists were smart, self-educating people. I am, myself, an atheist. I find it wholly ridiculous that all of you who claim to be atheists here do not see the humour in this. It's meant as a satire.

    … honestly, the nerve of some people.

  • Sissi says:

    You prick! People die all the time. Children with no wrongs, mothers giving birth, the unlucky ones who die of starvation. Is that a joke to your GOD as well??? Well hahaha… no ones really laughing. Hey maybe if you pick up a history book of other sorts youll learn people in those days lived shorter lives because of various reasons like disease.

  • the other pilosopher says:

    I wonder what Nietzsche said when he showed up at the "judgment seat?"

    Maybe he quoted the Black Knight: "All right, we'll call it a draw"

  • dave says:

    that's always what christians say when people point out how evil they are "i'll pray for you" well if your gonna get all crazy with using a book as a reason to treat people like shit, all full of contradictions, but there is one verse, judge not lest ye be judged, im guessing that means all your conservatives are as screwed as the athiests you so hate

  • Thomas says:

    Haha, yeah – complete misunderstanding of what 'God is dead' even means.

    As if he would think that an omnipotent being could, if it existed, die.

    It terms of this quote, Nietzsche is more alive than ever, and God is slowly decomposing.

  • BM says:

    haha wow. so i'm going to hazard a guess that dear old "sam wow" never read and/or understood Nietzsche's quote in context. Here's a link so he and others can fully understand:

    historyguide.org/europe/madman.html [historyguide.org]

    Basically what "God is dead" means isn't (as wychwood also says) what you think it means, that the literal "guy in the sky" has been killed by the power of reasoning. No. Nietzsche was an atheist, surprise surprise, so why would he think that a literal God had been killed?

    "God is dead" is Nietzsche's way of saying that the old-world foundation of morality (Judeo-Christian religion) has been undone. No more, no less.

  • Matt says:

    I find it hard to believe that if god wanted someone dead in spite, he'd take 17 years to finish the job.