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Here you have Xianghua’s Soul Calibur sword, Kamui’s divine sword, the Shinken from the anime X/1999 by Clamp and Hikaru’s Rayearth blade from Magic Knight Rayearth. These were all created by blademaster Aaron. I know I would love to don one of these badboys.

He’s done a fantastic job of reproducing the these weapons in stunning accuracy. You can see that he put a load of time and love into designing them.

The entire blade was hand carved with features from tiny scales to hand woven chain mail. It was painted with chameleon color shifting paint, and measures about 36” long by 8” wide, with an overall weight of only 2 lbs. And although structurally impossible with steel, this fiberglass and resin blade is held together by a clear ball, making it rather fragile, yet highly unique

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