This has got to be one of the single coolest uses of the iPhone (and I’m sure it works on the iPad too). I wish I knew a little bit more about it, but Ryan describes the making of it a little. Not only does this put a smart phone to really smart use, but it does so with one of our favorite things, beer!

It looks like you can select your beer, although he currently only has Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Bud Select and PBR. It would be great to load it with a few better varieires, athough you wouldn’t want to be tossing bottles.

After deciding on your beverage of choice, you switch to the cam view and aim the fridge to where you are sitting, press “fire” and await your brew. Let’s just hope that you’re still sober enough to catch the can and not get dinged in the head. I could certainly see this as quite the hazard later on in the evening.


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