This is NO joke and he certainly is nothing but serious. If ever I’ve heard someone pontificate about fried chicken, this tops them all. Mr. Flav goes on and on about the wonder that is going to be his signature fried chicken. This man is in it to win it and is not playing around.

His whole idea is that the seasoning should be in the chicken itself and on just in the breading. He calls that the secret of FFC (Flava Flac Chicken). “If you take the breading off my chicken you’ll still take the seasoning.” he states. Well I know I’d love to give it a bite. I’m looking forward to when this is available. He’s also going to have mac & cheese, greens, all the sides, all the sides.

Interesting thing too, he says he got a cooking degree in 1978, was a cook at the Nassau County Courthouse and the head cook at Uniondale High School. The things you learn about celebrities…always surprising.


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  • Not to put down Mr. Flav, but I'm assuming he just saw the commercial for the KFC buffalo chicken where the flavoring is in the breading instead of in a sauce. Still, he should patent that.