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Check out these sweet blueprints of the classic AT-AT and X-Wing, by way of Vespertin. I believe these were discovered amongst the most recent cable releases from WikiLeaks…but I could be wrong. Hopefully we’ll find more Star Wars goodies in there.

You never know what’s going to show up in all of those. You’d be surprised.┬áDid you know that Washington State Senator Patty Murray likes her coffee with just a hint of honey? Neither did I. Whatever, that’s neither here nor there, these blue prints are awesome and I think I might just try to build a 1/2 scale version of both. I’ll let you know how that turns out if I get to it.

UPDATE: He has added a few other, a redone AT-AT, AT-ST Walker, X-Wing and Tie Interceptor. Check out the gallery below to see them. As a kid I loved Star Wars more than anything and always dreamed about being Luke. My dreams were almost as ambitious as this kids.


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