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Pictures taken two seconds before all hell breaks loose.

Holy Friggin Crap


Who wouldn’t be? That thing’s pretty boss.

Zombie Tiger Car

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ICAN Legends

Time Waster of the Day: Random Pizza Boxes

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Never Forget

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Maximum derpage, dog edition.

Maximum Derpage


What better way to look like a badass than fishing on a sinking boat.

All Aboard The Troll Boat


Land Owners

This is not an indictment of the rich. It’s not a call to #OccupyOregon. It’s simply a statement of “WOW” regarding a fact I never knew before. Some of the top land owners in the United States have a ton of land.

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Not exactly what I had in mind when I said I wanted to go camping.

Yeah, Um, F*ck That



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Recycling is often tedious and unfulfilling. We know that, as consumers, we often waste more than we should, but there are times when putting old junk to good use just makes sense. This is one of those times done in epic form.

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Someone could seriously slip “I agree that I’m a portly little down syndrome child.” into the Terms and millions of people would be completely oblivious.

The Biggest Lie In History



Those who grew up in the 80s are likely well-aware of this Steven Spielberg-written coming-of-age classic. Director Richard Donner made the story a combination of kids’ movie with enough adult elements to make it a success. While it did not break box office records, it will always be regarded as a fun representation of what the 80s did for teen- and pre-teen-cinema.

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The milk carton changes color over time as the milk starts to expire.

Milk Carton Level: EPIC

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