Anyone from the Mid-Atlantic region now knows what it would be like to stand next to Adrian Grenier the day he ran out of Head & Shoulders. Over the course of 30 hourssome regions experienced upwards of 3 feet of snowfall. A few brave souls managed to brave the storm and were able to capture these amazing photos.

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Straight from the genius factory at Post come the delicious, probably not nutritious, Cupcake Pebbles. You surely know of Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles but did you also know that there have been many other varieties of Pebbles cereal throughout time? There have been Fiesta Fruity Pebbles, Half Sugar Fruity Pebbles, Cinna-Crunch Pebbles, Dino Pebbles (vanilla flavored with marshmallows), Dino Smores Pebbles, Marshmallow Mania Pebbles, Bronto Bright Pebbles, and Bamm-Bamm Pebbles. Well welcome to the world the wonderful treat that is Cupcake Pebbles and have a party in your bowl for breakfast this morning!

ICAN Legends

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I found this ESPN poll to be pretty funny. The majority of the nation feels pretty much the same about the Super Bowl this year as any other year with the exception of a few states. Obviously Indiana & Louisiana (and fine Mississippi too) are going to be more excited this year. Why Utah is more excited as well beats me…anyone know better than myself?

The interesting thing about this poll is that the only state which seems to be a Debbie Downer is Minna-so-dah. I guess they just can’t get over that loss.

I mean really guys, you haven’t been to the Super Bowl in 34 years and each of the fours times you managed to make it you lost anyways. So what may I ask is “worse” about this year? Is it that you came so close…or is it the realization that your one-time QB (I’m mean really…he’s been there one year!) is actually human?

So what say you Minnesota, grab some popcorn and a muffaletta sandwich and come join us all in South Beach on Sunday.


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With everyone except Peyton’s mom jumping on the “Who Dat?” bandwagon, we thought we’d point out some other annoying slogans. Yes, yes…Raider Nation and Cheeseheads aren’t quite slogans but they are annoying enough to be included as a whole. What other sayings or slogans annoy you most?

10.) San Francisco 49ers

9.) Georgia Bulldogs

8.) Cincinnati Bengals

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Nowayme2_normal nowayme2 i pull out my phone when i’m alone in public to not look like a loner.

19058_283880108477_566993477_4528547_8245102_n_normal Wolfzombee I just realized that I say ‘excuse me’ after I burp when I’m alone, there’s no one around and I still act polite

202106_normal HolaAngelola Thanks Mom & Dad. I’m totally a whore because my tanktops aren’t always pulled up when I’m alone in my room.

Profile_image_1264801806871_normal KeyLoLo420 When I’m alone I think toooooo much

Cheli_normal SuperCheli noticed: when i’m alone i tend to swear a lot

Getattachment okixd Feel so independent when I’m alone and I have a car:p. I ordered a pizza xD

Rorshach_normaluserkane Sometimes when I’m alone I use Comic Sans

Untitled4_normal myheartformusic When I’m alone, I say the things I type out loud

Sturtz_logo_normal sturtztrain I like to play dolls when I’m alone, but I’m probably fine.

58828793_normalCelesdee … Sometimes when I’m alone and really bored, I secretly narrate my life in my head.

Images_normalJeantieDDubz really needs to stop listening to beatles when i’m alone… it just gives me the warm and fuzzies which I can do nothing to reverse.

Image_normalldrin I like it when I’m alone in the men’s room. I get to pee and fart loudly at the same time.


Well today is the fateful day that we find out how much more winter we will have to endure. Happy Groundhog Day! Each February 2nd in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania the not-so-PETA friendly council gather ’round to wake ol’ Mr. Punxsutawney Phil the greatest clairvoyant of them all.

I dare you to go through the entire day without hearing this song. Also, for your viewing pleasure…the top moments from one the greatest films of our time, Groundhog Day. And for your listening pleasure, head over to Gunaxin for the Lost Radio Tapes from the Masters of None Morning Show at 92.2 WPNX.





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