The other day Ellen DeGeneres had a funny slideshow of awkward photos of kids and characters at amusement parks. I’ll bet there are tons of these filling countless family photo albums. I’m a bit conflicted on some of these. On one hand they’re pretty funny, but on the other hand it makes the characters (and children) loose their innocence. Do you have any photos like this from your youth?


Around the time I was 11-years old or so my family went to Disneyland park in Anahiem, CA a few times. I had the most fun of my life those several weekends. The Magical Kingdom really is magical. To anyone who has not visited it, there is something in your life that is truly missing until you do. It’s not too late, it’s never too late. Take your kids, if you don’t have any kids, take your nieces, if you don’t have any nieces, make a Pedobear costume and just go alone. But I implore you to at least make to out there once in your lifetime.

I often times reminisce about these trips. From all the wonderful rides, to meeting the characters I had so fondly watched since I could remember watching anything on TV, the wonderful food, the awesome shows and bands going up and down the streets. The cotton candy, the lemonade slushees, the Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream treats. I could go on and on and on.

Disneyland is the perfect Utopian society, maybe Eden is a better term. Everything there is always perfect, clean, bright, joyful and just all together amazing. Maybe I’m being a bit over the top but I absolutely love the place. It brings back such fond memories. I’ve gone a scoured YouTube for some videos which take you through the various rides. I’ll lay them out as in the route that I typically took. Realistically this was a completely selfish post and I just wanted to have a single place to view all my favorite things about Disneyland, but in any case I hope you enjoy it too.

You have to start off with Star Tours in Tomorrowland:

Then head over to Captain EO (you can’t miss MJ in 3D):

Over to Space Mountain:

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With the growing waistline of America it’s easy to see how and why we’re getting bigger with these statistics. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs and this gives us some insight in just why. The good thing is that there is of course something that can be done about it and it’s not “magically” or even tricky. It pretty much, and obviously enough, comes down to burning more calories than you consume. Still, these numbers are pretty interesting.

[source: Registered Nurse]

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I think there are some days where we all feel like Kekay. I guess if someone were snooping around my house in some weird vehicle, with cameras and such I would behave in the exact same manner. Good job for her to just let it out and exact her revenge. It’s gonna be tough to get that smell out for sure.


I’m amazed that I never ever noticed this. It this cross anyone else’s mind? It’s funny to me to think about all the things we use and handle every day but that just flash by and we never take note of. Either way, this is a pretty funny interpretation as to why he’s facing the other way. I wonder if there is an actual reason behind it. Seems strange that just Lincoln is facing to the right.


Geez Louise. Meanwhile in Zimbabwe. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something this hardcore. I’m not quite sure what this badass is doing but if I had to venture a guess, it would be that it was some sort of sport. Here I thought that bull riding at American rodeos was tough. Look at this dude. No pads, no helmet, no clothes really, except some sort of head wrap. This guy is my new hero.

Can someone tell me what is going on here?


Kirk Hammett of Metallica kicked a toddler for a field goal square in the face with his big boot at a recent concert in Australia. You are definitely a true badass if you can kick a tiny blonde 2 year old girl in the dome piece and keep on rocking out. He really nailed the poor lil’ thing too! Ouch!


I think the excitement of a tasty banana was just a little too much for him. He doesn’t seem to have quite the physical acumen of Kung Fu Panda but he certainly gave it a Gentleman’s Try. I like how he’s starting right at the camera as if to say “Dad, WTF are you doing just standing there?! Help me down you dick!”


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