I think we’ve all been victim to the pains of a broken heart. If this set of pictures (displayed with great origami acumen) teaches us anything, it’s we are all affected by the “games” that are played with our emotions. If you have a heart, and hopefully you do, don’t follow this chaps (hopefully now ex) girlfriend’s ways and use his love as a floor mat. He’ll never experience it in the same way because of her, but maybe that’s a good thing.

Maybe we grow and adapt in a positive way. Maybe we need to go through these things to be able to cherish what we have now. I don’t know, I’m just rambling at this point but either way, this is a sweet way to get the point across that he’s changed because of her and he’ll never be the same for it.


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  • Boop says:

    Oh Wow! That is soooo……….

    You have to be the sweetest most intelligent and emotionally stable person to have even thought of something like this. You should never have to worry about a woman when you are able to put your emotions into that type of perspective. You will find love and a positive person to respect it. In Time. God chooses our mates anyway so whats meant for you will be and what is not will pass you by. So don't fret. Look for the lesson you were suppose to have learned from that experience and move on. Much love to you. Take Care!

  • Domer says:

    This is the sweetest thing I have seen in 2010. And I second what Boop said.

  • Edward says:

    I'm still in the terrible metamorphosis of my heart becoming a wrinkled piece of paper, probably the hardest of this part is when she starts "not returning your calls". LIFE'S SHIT!