With Christmas over, a lot of you are traveling back home and for a good majority that means packing up your luggage and heading to airport to get your free physical administered not by your medical doctor but by the good folks at the TSA. The airports, unfortunately and the flying¬†experience,¬†have become increasing less romantic over the years. Unless romance to you is being groped and prodded more than a McDonald’s cattle farm cow.

Too bad this is what entering our country has come to. It used to be such a beautiful, wonderful, joyous occasion. Now everyone is treated as a suspect and forced to some of the most humiliating experiences they’ll encounter in a long time. From the intrusive back scatter x-rays to the full body pat downs. The sad part is that it almost makes you not want to travel at all because of it. I can only imagine a foreigner coming from abroad and have to go through this routine. Yes I know it helps protect us in some manner but there’s got to be a better way.


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  • Mycroft Holmes says:

    You clearly have no idea what Ellis Island was like. Long lines, illness everywhere, variety of things could put you in a holding cell until the authorities cleared you. Coming to US has never been a picnic. Just possible.

  • So, have you Americans worked out yet why you didn't get the 2016 Olympic Games?

    Here's a hint, the IOC likely had to deal with your border control authorities.

  • Lakawak says:

    Wow…what ignorance shown here by Dutch Mechanic. The poem on the Stutue of Liberty does not say "C'mon in! The door's open!" As such, immigrants have ALWAYS had to identify themselves. Only in the past, after they did so, they were told "Thanks for telling us your name…but it sounds too foreign…you're NEW name will be Smith"

    On the flip side,there is nothing preventing immigratns today from seeing the Statue of Liberty.

    So basically…absolutely NOTHING has changed, except the technology has advanced making immigration documentation easier and more thorough.

  • Paul Johnson says:

    Well, US Customs has always played an important role. However, the TSA checkpoint is just a superfluous, ineffective timewaste and violation of our Fourth Amendment rights that serves only to provide a false sense of security and sets precedent for our Bill of Rights to be further used as toilet paper by congress.

  • Baggy says:

    Ditto what Mycroft said. Seems like writer is looking through rose colored glasses. How would you like to be stripped down naked along with a hundred other people, have your head shaved and deloused in showers with soap and acetic acid?

    OMG they are going to pat you down now and scan you with less radiation than you would normally get by actually flying.

    People have become soft.