Around the time I was 11-years old or so my family went to Disneyland park in Anahiem, CA a few times. I had the most fun of my life those several weekends. The Magical Kingdom really is magical. To anyone who has not visited it, there is something in your life that is truly missing until you do. It’s not too late, it’s never too late. Take your kids, if you don’t have any kids, take your nieces, if you don’t have any nieces, make a Pedobear costume and just go alone. But I implore you to at least make to out there once in your lifetime.

I often times reminisce about these trips. From all the wonderful rides, to meeting the characters I had so fondly watched since I could remember watching anything on TV, the wonderful food, the awesome shows and bands going up and down the streets. The cotton candy, the lemonade slushees, the Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream treats. I could go on and on and on.

Disneyland is the perfect Utopian society, maybe Eden is a better term. Everything there is always perfect, clean, bright, joyful and just all together amazing. Maybe I’m being a bit over the top but I absolutely love the place. It brings back such fond memories. I’ve gone a scoured YouTube for some videos which take you through the various rides. I’ll lay them out as in the route that I typically took. Realistically this was a completely selfish post and I just wanted to have a single place to view all my favorite things about Disneyland, but in any case I hope you enjoy it too.

You have to start off with Star Tours in Tomorrowland:

Then head over to Captain EO (you can’t miss MJ in 3D):

Over to Space Mountain:

Head down to the Submarine Voyage:

Hike up the good old Matterhorn:

Take a leisurely ride around the perimeter on the Railroad:

Make the obligatory ride through It’s A Small World:

Swing through the jungle with Indiana Jones:

Go get scared at the Haunted Mansion:

Get a little wet on Splash Mountain:

Hop on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad:

Off to Frontierland to spend a few hours acting like Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn:

Get shot at on Pirates of the Caribbean:

Then off to New Orleans Square to listen to some awesome music:

Maybe a spin on Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin or the Teacups:

Then off to the Jungle Cruise:

Of course there are more rides and all of the wonderful shows but those pretty much took me the entire day and I was spent and throughly exhausted at the point. This would be the route I took pretty much each time and I still run through it in my head. The only thing left to do after that was sit back and watch the Electric Light Parade.


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  • Kacie says:

    Yeah that castle picture isn't Disneyland, but is in fact Disney World. Disneyland's is pink and is Sleeping Beauty's castle, while Disney World's is blue and much larger and is Cinderella's castle.