This kid blows me away. Check out 6-year old skateboarder Asher Bradshaw as he shreds it at Venice Beach. This boy wonder has done more at his age than I’ll probably ever do. Look at that little guy. How awesome is he?

Man…I’m still blown away by this kid. I keep watching the video. How good is he going to be? It’s only been 14 months and he’s killing it. He’s certainly one to watch. Turns out he’s also a swimmer. This kid is just cool all around. His favorite skater is Tony Hawk, he’s been in 9 contests so far and won a few. He’s in 1st grade….1 first grade people. What were you doing in first grade? I was learning the best way to pick my butt.

A little bit about him. He loves school (both math and reading), his favorite tricks are “dropping, board slide, feeble fakie, rock’n roll, frontside rock’n roll, blunt to fakie, lots of fakie…”, his first drop was at Belvedere in the Big Pool. He loves skating and goes to the Venice Beach skatepark pretty much every day. He wants to go pro (and I’m sure he’ll be one soon), he has one sponsor so far, Venice Original Skateshop, who made him a custom skateboard deck.

Anyways…without further ado…Asher Bradshaw:


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