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So Wendy’s has got these new Natural Cut, Sea Salt French Fries. Have you tried them yet? I’m not quite sure how widespread the campaign is currently but from what I gather they will be landing in their stores across the nation, if they haven’t already. Here’s what they have to say about their new fry:

Wendy’s announces the nationwide launch of its new natural-cut fries with sea salt, marking the first complete redesign of the company’s classic fries in its 41-year history. Designed to give French fry lovers a hotter, crispier taste experience with an enhanced potato flavor and texture, Wendy’s new fries are the only ones to be offered by a national fast food chain with the natural “skin-on” cut and seasoned with sea salt.

Hmm…sounds like a lot of hyperbole to me. Well being the food lover that I am, I had to test their statement. I mean, could they possibly be better than fries from Five Guys…or more “potatoy” thank fries from In-N-Out…certainly they can’t bring back memories like the good old McD’s fries (with loads of ketchup).

So what did I think of my first taste of Wendy’s new fry? I thought they were darned good. Mine came hot and fresh from the fryer. The sea salt was a nice touch, not too much and not too little. I guess the skin on, “natural cut” was discernible from your typical fast food fry but nothing special if you frequent nicer restaurants and places that might serve non frozen fries.

If you’re wondering about what it’ll hit you with on the waist a small order clocks in at 320 calories, 15 grams of fat, 41 grams of carbs and 380 milligrams of sodium. So my overall impression? I’d say they’re certainly up there with some of the better fries in the fast food landscape. Not everyone has a Fat Burger, Five Guys or In-N-Out near them. But as far as your big name joints, they might just be a cut above the rest.


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