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In light of recent events, we thought we’d give you some info about those crazy goons from across the Pacific. North Korea was formed after WWII and the end of the Japanese occupation. It was split at the 39th parallel as part of a UN arrangement, to be administered by the US in the South (just like in M*A*S*H) and the Soviet Union in the North – since the two countries couldn’t agree on how to run it. Working with the Soviets, a Communist regime was set up.

Kim Il-Sung became leader in 1948. Shortly thereafter, he and Stalin decided to start the Korean War. 4 million soldiers and civilians died. In 1953 the war ended with no winner and a 2.5 mile wide demilitarized zone separates North from South. Learn the facts about North Korea and it’s dictator who never needs to defecate.

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