50 years ago yesterday The Flintstones debuted at 8:30 on ABC. Produced by Hanna-Barbera, this classic cartoon went on to become one of the most iconic from the era. The original series was only six seasons long but many more episodes, movies and spin-offs have come from it.

The Flintstones wasn’t always named The Flintstones. In the pilot pitched to ABC, Fred and Wilma had the last name of Flagstone. After the series was picked up by the network, the title of the show was changed to The Gladstones for a short period of time to avoid confusion with the Flagstons of ‘Hi and Lois’ fame, and when it finally came to fruition they were known by what we know and love them by today, The Flintstones. Here is the lost pilot episode when they were still the Flagstones.


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