This is a product “fact sheet” sent to retailers for Pepsi’s Crush Orange Soda. In some regards it lends them to being racist. But is that the case or do they just really know their demographics? Does this offend any of you? I know Kel (from Nickelodeon’s Kenan & Kel) loves Orange Soda. I guess it would be considered racist it it were “Orange Drink” (or is it “Orange Drank”?)


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  • Dennis says:

    Really? This would have been news in the 90s. Isn't it kind of "duh" that companies market to races, ages backets, income leves, religions, car colors, zip code…

  • KOri says:

    wow, theyre effin right! (Im hispanic)

  • Jackie says:

    Pepsi…only when there's no Coke

    and yeah I wouldn't be surprised if they are racist

  • Bob John says:

    I've worked concession stands for years as part of a community group and I can tell you that they are right. I don't think it is racist, it's just proper marketing. Black folks don't drink colas, to the tune of me NEVER seeing an African-American ordering a cola drink. If we have a fruit flavored drink that's what they get otherwise it is Sprite every time. I can't explain it but it just seems to be a demographic difference. I don't see anything racist about it.

  • Paul says:

    Why would targeting demographics be racist?

    Frankly from the little time I worked at fast food it was 80% (roughly) black people that ordered the orange soda.

  • chris says:

    Racist would be grape soda. I didn't even think orange soda was stereotypical.

  • Citizen Dos says:

    "In some regards it lends them to being racist." Are you being serious? Surely not, but it sounds like your one of those people who look for racism in everything. If you are even slightly intelligent you might know that GOOD businesses understand their markets. Also, you should know that racists and racist actions are such only when one race attempt to distinguish itself as inferior or superior to another race, based on race alone. When you attempt to find racism in things that are obviously not racist, you, by action, are being a racist.

  • B-Rizzle says:

    I think it just demographics.

  • Doc says:

    who loves oragne soda? kel love orange soda. Is it true? Mmm Hmm, i do, i do, i do-ooo

  • Think! says:

    There's nothing wrong with saying people like orange soda. Think about it.

    White people like diet Coke, Mormons are going to choose Sprite (actually true) there's nothing 'racist' about it, just noting the reality.

  • matt says:

    No it's not racist. Companies always target demographics with their products. What do you think the target demographic is for black eye shadow and punk music?

  • Mike says:

    I'm in advertising, and there is no way around using races and demographics as your targets. If it would have said 'white middle-age women with at least one child' no one would have had a problem with it. But that's not who buys orange soda

  • james hell says:

    Nobody care that it's orange soda but if it was grape, that would be hilarious.

  • Latin Rapper says:

    It's not racist, that's their target audience. It's no different than Kool or other menthol cigarette companies stating that their target audience is urban areas.

  • Ric says:

    First and foremost – racism has to do with superiority – we are better than they are because of our race – how thenis this racist?

    Bigotry is dislike due to differences – I don't like people who don't look like me – how is this bigotry?

    This is simply noticing a cultural bias – how is this evil or wrong

    Learn what words mean and how they are misused

    IDIOT – I think that sums it up

  • BC says:

    I work for one of the largest grocery retailers in the country. We own different stores from coast to coast that cater from the poor discount chains to high end delicacies and just about every single item in our database has these factors included. If you want to stay alive in the Walmart run world, you better know who you are selling to. We have whole teams that build ad groups based on race/location. Would telling you that we run more Tortilla ads in Texas vs Minnesota make us racist? No, this is just plain stupid, now pass me the Chicken and Grape Drink!

  • Crikey says:

    That is industry standard terminology. Meaning that advertising agencies have various focuses like general market, hispanic, asian, and african american. I work in general market and hispanic.

    Do your homework next time.

  • The one black guy in my office drinks 3 cans of orange soda every day at lunch, so it's obviously true.