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This little Mega Man has to be one of the coolest, cutest, radical, awesomely costumed little buggers I’ve seen in a bit. The suit is done fantastically. I wish I had attire like this for Halloween when I was a kid. Imagine the fist full of candies this will garner.

UPDATE: I was doing some research on this little guy and found out that his dad has posted the whole process of making the costume on Instructables.

“This year I wanted to build costumes for my family from scratch. Since I am a Retro Gamer, I wanted to make a cool costume for my three year old. The Original Mega Man from the NES was what I had decided on. What follows are the steps that I took to create the Mega Man costume for my son. All of these steps can be sized up for an older child, or even an adult. This costume was built as cheaply as I could make it. Many of the components came from local thrift shops like Goodwill.”


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