If you’ve ever had a drink (and let’s be honest who hasn’t), you know that alcohol is psychoactive and generally has a depressant effect. But the effects of alcohol consumption aren’t as simple or linear as your experiences would lead you to believe. To help us better understand blood alcohol content and its effects at different levels, our friends from TermLifeInsurance.org have put together this informational graphic. Please drink responsibly and don’t drive under the influence.

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Blood Alcohol Content



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  • Joel says:

    Ok, what assclown made this? An american too f-ing lazy to check the laws on one country north. Canada is not "zero tolerance", it is 0.08% just like the US.

    • Matt says:

      Ontario is 0.05 now…I'm not sure about the rest of the country though. But agreed…the person that made this is a tool

  • Geezus says:

    So funny that Russia has a zero-tolerance for the legal limit of alcohol….makes the rest of the report so believeable…

  • eina says:

    Does the 'alcohol equivalent' section make sense? 1 x 12oz beer gives you 0.6bac? i.e. dead?

  • max says:

    It says in the second slide, 1 glass of wine (beer, scotch, whatever) = 0.6 "alcohol".

    What does that mean? On the chart in first slide, its clear that 0.4 "alcohol" leads to death.

    Im still alive after last night somehow..

  • Downloads says:

    It's disgusting to see a persons behavior when they are at stage 5

  • hjemmeside says:

    Its clear that we are drinking to much in Denmark! Damn.

  • Q says:

    Another crappy, inaccurate thingy. On my police record I blew a .326 two hours after I stopped drinking. Had it tested on two machines and by blood. I weighed 130lb at the time. Still sober enough to stand there and lie to the cops and apparently do a decent job of "acting sober"… Oh college. Alcohol affects everyone differently, bottom line.