Some dude in South Africa has been tweeting about speed traps and police car locations and it’s gotten him in a little bit of trouble. The user, @PigSpotter, has over 18,000 followers on Twitter. Examples of his tweets are “Popo’s pulling over bottom George Ave, Glenhazel” and “Coppers in their usual spot both ways trapping on main road between witkoppen and lonehill.”

Looks like the local patrol isn’t to keen about this “Angel of the Road.” They’ve decided to charge him with defamation, impairing the dignity of another person and “defeating the ends of justice.” Dang, that’s quite a rapsheet for just telling people that there are cops about.

Here’s what Mr. Pig Spotter had to say:

“I am surprised by the amount of media attention. It was never the reason for starting PigSpotter. Now that police corruption is in the limelight, maybe we can turn the negative into a positive, by working with the police, rooting out the bad apples/corrupt members, we can restore faith into the police of South Africa.”

What so you think? Is he a Public aid or police hindrance?


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