This is a fantastic rant by Bill Murrary in 1982 (almost 30 years ago now) about the caveats of technology. From lamenting about robots taking away jobs to a talking dashboard that tells you when you’ve run out of gas, this thing is hilarious.

He comes up with a great idea for a robot that when you do run out of gas, you can deploy it from your vehicle to go get gas for you. Oh Bill Murray, is there any greater comedian? I love this guy. I wonder what he would say about this video if he watched it again today. It would be fun to hear him rant about the current state of techonolgy.


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  • Gumby Says says:

    The first take was good and punctual, but the last take was good and thoughtful. So, they were both good. Depending on the rest of the movie, I would go with those.