This is just horrible. First off…for a child of maybe 10 years old be getting a tattoo is just downright alarming. Sure he was probably enthused and pumped up at the time, but I highly doubt he realizes the lifetime implication of it. All of the ethical questions aside…there is also the question of sanity involved with the choice of tattoo.

I mean if I were to have my child inked I would make sure that it was at least something that would stand the test of time…no the fleeting (and in my eyes utterly idiot) likeness of Master Shake and Frylock of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I can only imagine this little guy 15 years down the road trying to explain this to his girlfriend…”Yeah, about that, my dad actually gave me that tattoo way back in 2010.” And the sad thing is that the girlfriend will probably have NO idea what ATHF even is…cause I doubt an 11-year girl is watching it now.


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  • Jen says:

    I think, that girls won't like it is the thinnest argument against these tattoos. What a bizarre position to take. As long as we're playing that game, what if the boy is gay, and his now 11-year-old future boyfriend is a huge ATHF fan? See? It's just as asinine when I do it.

  • Bob says:

    Looks like we got new Steve-O in the making. Lets hope for the kids sake that we run out of PCP long before he can get his hands on it.

  • Jamie says:

    Clearly a fake.

    1. Tattoo "artist" isn't wearing gloves. (Would never happen.)

    2. There is no redness or swelling — completely impossible that this wouldn't occur.

    This is obviously just a temporary tattoo or Sharpie marker job, with a shot of some guy holding up the needle for a joke.

  • anthony says:

    i don't think he's really getting inked, first of all theres no blood, second i don't see any ink smears on his skin but it'd be shitty if he were getting inked.

  • mackenzie says:

    Whoever wrote this is an idiot. It is obviously fake no gloves, no swelling, and there is no way in hell a 10 year old would be relaxed while getting a tattoo. And unless the father were a tattoo artist, no tattoo shop would do this. And if the dad were an artist, I'm sure he'd come up with something better than ATHF and probably pull the needle away from the kids back when he turned to growl at the camera instead of keeping it there and risking a mistake. DUMB.