Looks like this little guy had a little too much of Russ’ vodka there. What a lightweight. I’ll bet he only had one shot too. Maybe he needs to eat a little more of that bread first. Either way, I’d say that he had a good evening. I mean what other mouse do you know that looks that content right now? Hats off to this┬árambunctious┬árodent…if only my own Tuesday evenings were as fun.

I wonder if this lightweight would be able to pull off this weekend.


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  • James says:

    Don't eat bread to stop yourself getting drunk. In fact the alcohol helps the yeast in the bread ferment and it gets you MORE drunk. :)

    • BmoreKarl says:

      actually, alcohol kills yeast, that's why beer is only 4.5 percent, at that level, the brewers yeast starts to die in its own excrement (that's right, consider alcohol yeast-poop and you'll have the right idea)

  • Josh says:

    That mouse is dead