This is a poignant photo and statistic. It really opened my eyes. Until seeing this I had no idea, I hadn’t even considered it. I was also skeptical about the numbers but you can see the causality numbers and the suicide numbers. If anything the suicide numbers on the brick wall may be low.

In my opinion, war does nothing but bring further pain and suffering to regions that have already experienced a great deal of it. You always know of course that soldiers will be killed in the act of duty, but the fact that more than twice the amount have taken their own lives is very troubling. They have become so disturbed by things they seen and been involved in that they feel they can no longer live with it.

The travesty that the “Iraq War” is, is beyond my comprehension and this just furthers it more. It is so difficult for me to see how death and destruction can lead to anything good. I hope that this image wakes a few others up as it has me, to not only the obvious effects of war but also the un-seen or un-thought of consequences.


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